Sometimes portable tents and canopies are just a little too portable.

You’ve found your spot and set up your tent.  You’ll be here a few days, so just leave it set up over night, right?  Not always.  Unfortunately, there are those people that know how easy it is to collapse and haul off one or more canopies in minutes.  You return to the beach the next morning to find that your shade has been revoked.

It’s not just the cost of replacing the tent, it’s the inconvenience.  Are you even going to be able to find a replacement tent and is that really what you want to be doing when you should be enjoying your vacation?

That’s where TentSitter (Patent Pending) comes in.  A tent that is locked open is not an attractive target.  If it can’t collapse, then it’s not really portable.  They’ll move on to the next tent.

TentSitter is a locking device designed to easily secure tents and canopies that use scissor-style collapsible joints.

Great for beach trips, tailgating, picnics, camping, and more!

You can order a TentSitter online.

We also make a cool TentSitter Hook to help you organize all the other stuff that you brought along with your now very secure tent!

To ask us a question about TentSitter, please contact store@tentsitter.com.