How do I know if TentSitter is right for my canopy?

Tentsitter works with almost all of the major brands of collapsible canopy including those sold by EZ-Up®, Quick Shade, and  Logo Chair.*


What do I do if TentSitter does not work with my particular canopy?

Tentsitter LLC offers an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. Simply send it back for a refund.


What kind of lock do I need to use with TentSitter?

Almost all regular padlocks, key or combination style, work with TentSitter.  We recommend that the shank (shackle) of the lock be 13/16th inches or wider and the length of the shank (shackle) be at least 1.5 inches long.


How do I use TentSitter?

Just follow these easy four steps (click to enlarge):

TS Instruction Card

*EZ-Up®, Quick Shade, and Logo Chair are all trademarks of their respective owners and are in no way associated with TentSitter LLC.