TentSitter Tent Lock

TentSitter (Patent Pending) is a locking device that works with almost all tents and canopies that use “scissor-style” joints that open and collapse when you set up and take down your tent.

The picture shows TentSitter at work locked around the scissor-style joints of a collapsible canopy.

The two metal bars are made of sturdy aluminum that have been pre-drilled with multiple holes to fit snuggly around the different types and styles of tents.  The aluminum is designed to withstand the elements, not rust, and last longer than your tent.  The ends have been covered with neoprene padding to prevent scratches to your canopy.  It accepts almost all common padlocks.

You simply slide on bar from the top and one from the bottom, align the holes that provide the tightest fit, and put your padlock through the holes to secure your tent.

Other Accessories

We also offer accessories such as the TentSitter Hook which are designed to make your outdoor experience better.  Who doesn’t need extra places to hang towels, clothes, or bags to keep them out of the sand or dirt!

All TentSitters and TentSitter products are handmade in the USA (In Austin, Texas to be more specific).