TentSitter Hooks


You have your tent or canopy set up and you’re ready to start enjoying the beach.  You’ve secured it with TentSitter.

Your next challenge is to manage all the other stuff that you’ve brought with you.  Towels, clothing, bags, etc. etc. etc.

You’re trying to keep wet towels out of the sand and let them dry, you’re trying to keep your t-shirts from blowing away, or you’re just trying to find a place for the bag where everyone put their car keys.

TentSitter Hook offers you a convenient option to add hanging hooks to your collapsible tent or canopy.  After your tent is set up, simply hang them and voilà!  you have easy-to-use hanging locations for all of your needs.

Oh, and tailgaters in need of a place to hang fans without annoying zip ties, boom!  Done!

TentSitter Hook is manufactured with the same quality materials as TentSitter.  We use rust-free aluminum as well as neoprene padding to avoid scratching your canopy.

Buy a couple and we guarantee you’ll be back for at least a couple more!